5 May 2016

CINEMATIC BEAUTY: Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is a 2004 film based on the stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. When this movie first came out I was 12 and I didn't understand any of it, plus the dark tones scared me and I didn't think any of them were attractive in their 19th-century costumes. Fast forward to Raquel post-puberty, entering adulthood, and then I watched it again. And now I'm obsessed.

29 April 2016

TREND TALK: Four Fads I'm Not So Keen on

If you haven't seen my previous post that is quite a bit more positive then I'm sure this one will be, check it out here! It's another 'Trend Talk', but on four fads I am actually loving. But today, let's take some time to vent our feelings on beauty trends that are not our cup of tea or just won't go away — join me!

27 April 2016

TREND TALK: Four Fads I Love

It's so interesting how trends and even entire concepts of beauty can change over time. Each decade brings new looks, even though it's hard to notice while we are living it. (How will the 2010s be viewed in terms of popular beauty a couple decades from now?) Recently, for some reason, I've become hyper aware of the hot trends right now, maybe because I'm dedicating a fair amount of time to blogging/vlogging. And I've become quite decisive on what I care for and what I don't... so much. (<< Those will have their own dedicated blog post soon.) Let's chat!

22 April 2016

CHECK IN: Drugstore First Impressions

What good is a first impression if the lasting impression is totally different? That's why I'm returning to give an updated review on the products from my recent Superdrug haul! Some of my thoughts have stayed the same, while others have changed pretty drastically. Let's get into it —

2 April 2016

CINEMATIC BEAUTY: Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day

Welcome to a new series here on my blog: Cinematic Beauty! I am very often inspired by films and television when it comes to beauty, style, and just general aesthetics. I'm not really talking about those major makeup moments, like when the female character gets a makeover (even though they are fun to watch). But characters whose whole look just enchanted me, inspired me, and made me think I WANT THAT ON MAH FACE / i want to go to there. Enough blabber. On to our first featured film.

29 March 2016

Follow andraquelrose!

Hey guys! If you use Bloglovin' I am in the process of setting andraquelrose up on there. Feel free to click the link above to keep track of my blog on your personal feed. If you don't use it -- check it out! It's great to browse through if you follow a bunch of blogs and don't want to individually go to each webpage to read new content. 

All my love, R x

Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in 'Liar'

26 March 2016

Adventures on YouTube!

Hello readers! I've just recently started making beauty-themed videos on YouTube, and have been having a lot of fun with it. If you'd like to check them out, see my channel page here. My first video can be seen below, humbly and slightly ackwardly filmed on my iPhone 6. I hope the quality isn't leaving too much to be desired. I gleefully received a new web camera and fancy schmancy audio equipment for my birthday, so it will hopefully only get better from here! Any video requests are absolutely welcome, always. And I still plan to post original content to this blog. I hope you guys like them! x