7 January 2016

The Deep Reds of Winter

This post was originally meant to be my December Favourites, but as I arranged my beauty bits for the month I realised the theme of deep reds that have been dominating my life! I have been particularly drawn to this colour probably partially due to the festive season. But I'm not leaving these for the holiday months, they are definitely coming with me as staples in my routine.

Sleek blush in Flushed 935: What a coincidence this blush is named flushed, because that was the original reason I picked this up on a 'new products' display at Superdrug a number of weeks ago. I wanted to achieve that healthy, fresh flush you get on your cheeks after you've been out in the cold on a brisk winter morning. I know for some people looking at this it may seem extremely dark and too intense for everyday, but I say no! It can really be built up slowly, and after I scraped what I noticed was a top barrier/layer over the blush it came out even more rich and pigmented (which I wanted, because I'm not shy with blush). If you like that healthy flush of colour, this blush is really nice. 

Essie in Fishnet Stockings: I will come out and say it, I wanted a sexy, deep red nail polish for not only the holidays, but as a staple red in my tiny collection. This is one of the most impressive formulas I've used yet — with two coats + topcoat, this lasted on my nails with THE MOST minimal of chipping for up to two full weeks. It's incredible and just the right colour I was looking for.

Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate Moss in shade 48: This shade is obviously too dark to be a nude on me, but I wasn't concerned about that. I only cared about that beautiful rosy/mauve-y/brown that is perfect for the colder weather and is the colour family I'm recently obsessed with. It's like... a vintage lip. Can I coin that? It seems intense in the bullet, but I'm telling you it is surprisingly wearable for everyday use. I like to apply it to lips normally, then kind of soften the edges with my finger so it's a little more diffused and natural. I need to wear this in an upcoming makeup look post so we can all experience its glory!

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