2 April 2016

CINEMATIC BEAUTY: Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day

Welcome to a new series here on my blog: Cinematic Beauty! I am very often inspired by films and television when it comes to beauty, style, and just general aesthetics. I'm not really talking about those major makeup moments, like when the female character gets a makeover (even though they are fun to watch). But characters whose whole look just enchanted me, inspired me, and made me think I WANT THAT ON MAH FACE / i want to go to there. Enough blabber. On to our first featured film.

Miss Pettigrew Lives For a Day is an excellent little film set in London right before the beginning of WWII. This movie is a fashion history lovers' dream. The outfits, vintage interiors, music... it is magical. The film itself is a light-hearted romcom. It follows - the perhaps a little frumpy - Guinevere Pettigrew  (Frances McDormand) who gets swept up in the world and troubles of Delysia Lafosse (Amy Adams). It's Delysia's amazing late '30s-early 40s outfits / hair / beauty that had me entranced.

I mean, these photographs are not even capturing the glamorous and slick presentation of this film. The art direction is delightful. I think because it is from 2008 (8 YEARS AGO?!) there aren't many HD/HQ photos out there. I die for Delysia's vintage headwrap she wears in the bath, her perfect curls, and for some reason that silk and feathery robe. I really appreciate her makeup in the film as well — predominately natural eyes, just some lashes and definition, flawless skin, but with a lovely coral red lip with matching blush. The blue dress she wears with the matching hat and fur across her shoulder might be my favourite look. It's her 'day' dress — I only wish we all still wore such things as casualwear. Plus, it just matches her eyes perfectly. If this kind of fun, vintage glamour is your kinda stuff, I urge you to see the film. Plus, it features a very yummy Lee Pace.*

*In this clip we also get to see Miss Pettigrew wearing another of my favourite outfits from the film - a dark blue long-sleeved dress in velvet with a ruffle trim around the neckline that travels down to a low back, and a red flower accent by her shoulder. I couldn't find any suitable photos of it to show, but it's glorious.

*P.S. Of course, I do not own these images, they belong to Focus Features.

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