1 June 2016

4 Social Media Accounts to Satiate Your Beauty Obsession

I think it's fair to say I'm obsessed with beauty... makeup, skincare, sprinkle a little fashion/styling as well. For some reason I am not satisfied with only watching YouTube videos, hitting up beauty Reddits, blogs, etc. I need more.  (Help...!) So whenever I'm exploring social media on my phone, these are the accounts I load first on my Snapchat stories or consistently double-tap on Instagram. They each have their strengths and offer a different focus/aesthetic with their content, but its all beauty-related. Read on for no-fail recommendations!

// LISA ELDRIDGE // Check her out on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Blog

Lisa is the Queen of Beauty. You can't call yourself a makeup lover or beauty junkie without knowing who she is. Currently the Global Creative Director at LancĂ´me — an intimidating title but she is honestly the most approachable, down-to-earth and genuine presence on social media. I'm sure I don't need to say, but her YouTube videos are the most expert and knowledgable/comprehensive on the internet. When you watch her vids, you know what you're learning is the best way to do it.

She's recently been getting more and more active on Snapchat (thelisaeldridge) where she offers mini reviews, a look behind the scenes of her studio #houseofeldridge, which I would do anything to work in/for, and her global travels for work. I even get her newsletter emailed to me, that's how good her content is. Long live Queen Lisa!

P.S. She also wrote a book on the history of makeup that I'm currently reading called Facepaint. It's delightful so far, as historical makeup is a great interest of mine.

// NICOLE of YOUNG, WILD & POLISHED // Check her out on YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat

I don't know if it's weird, but I get bored doing my morning and nighttime bathroom routines everyday. So while I do it I watch Nicole's uber-long Snapchat stories (ywpsnaps), which are guaranteed hilarious, always have swatching parties of all the PR products she receives or buys, and great reviews. Honestly, she's become a part of my life because I watch her stories so often (and YES they are so long I can do my whole bathroom routine with snaps to spare for the next time!)

Nicole isn't like a normal beauty blogger, she is so genuine with her followers... it's almost hard to explain. Just watch a couple of her YouTube videos, she is so straight-up funny. She's honest with everything she reviews and just LOVES makeup, its obvious. And I love that. You know all these big bloggers get sent every new product that releases under the sun, but instead of only talking about a select few, Nicole uses Snapchat to show everything. That's dedication, and she always has fun with it.

P.S. She has an alter-ego called Topaz and often talks about her camel toe. Hilarious. You'll get into it. Also, you'll want to follow her on Instagram if you love nails. So many fantastic nail swatches and art!

// MICHELLE LEE // Check her out on Snapchat, Instagram

Michelle is a relatively new addition to my social media following, but she's quickly become one of my most appreciated. She is the Editor-in-Chief of Allure — another scary, intimidating title, but social media only makes her more relatable and down-to-earth. I am loving her Snapchat stories (itsmichellelee) because we literally get great access to her life as the EIC of the biggest beauty magazine in America if not the world (spoiler: she goes to a lot of meetings ;) But a lot of great products hit her desk that she gives mini reviews of. I often find myself screenshotting recommendations she gives.

She's also wonderfully conversational on her Instagram and posts photos from the Allure archives as well as photos for upcoming issues of the magazine. She gushes over makeup just like any of us would, and I love that. Sometimes I just want to look at makeup — that's how crazy I AM!!

P.S. I also look up to her as a very successful Asian-American woman, as I am half-Korean myself. I wish I had her to look up to when I was growing up, honestly.

// HANNAH ALLINSON // Check her out on Instagram

Hannah is my Instagram crush. We all have those now, right? I randomly came across her account on the "Explore" page on the app, and I've been a happy follower ever since. She is a Norwich-based hairstylist and just has the most on-point makeup skills and badass style I've ever seen. First, she has the most vibrant red hair that suits her so well, she's tatted, and most importantly she seems like a lovely, kind person, and that is important with a girl crush...

Hannah has the whole retro, almost pin-up look with her perfect cat eyeliner, red lips, and the most covetable thick & arched brows. She's a great daily inspiration on my Instagram feed, especially with fashion. Her style is feminine and edgy but still classic, and that's a perfect combination for me. She does OOTDs, product shots of the makeup she's loving, and fab hair snaps. I'm obsessed with her feed!

P.S. She also smiles in her photos, which I just really appreciate. Not a moody, disingenuous photo to be found! Also its her photo used in the opening image, just to give credit x

What accounts are you guys loving? I'm always open for more recommendations!

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