15 May 2016

Off to Munich! // My Travel Makeup Bag

Hello friends! I know I've been a little MIA, trying to semi-relax but also semi-start my research into my dissertation, but now I've returned only to leave again! I'm off to Munich with my Technical Art History program to have a little educational (and also hopefully touristy) jaunt. I'm excited (though a little nervous as its my first time in Europe besides a weekend in Paris many years ago, and I often get general anxiety with new people/places/etc). But I am also on a mini-mission to hopefully find some European makeup that I can't get here in the UK. Does anyone know of anything I can find there? I'm going in a little blind, but hopefully I'll find some nice gems! Besides that, a photo diary of the trip will definitely be in order.

I have pictured above my brand new travel makeup bag! (Yes, I bought this specifically for this trip, because I like to spend all my money before I leave...) It's a Jo&Jo Australia small square beauty bag I purchased from TKMaxx. I love it — its a light dusty pink with thin creme horizontal stripes across it. It feels very strong and solid, the outside has the kind of material that is easy to clean, and the inside has a resilient black lining. Basically, it is travel-proof and cute. Plus, the perfect size for just the right amount of makeup to bring with me. And bonus! It came with a brush set that is actually not terrible! It's not the best quality, but it has synthetic bristles and is perfectly functional. I've already incorporated the powder brush into my daily routine!

See you all next week! x

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