4 March 2016

Review: Batiste Styling Products

I've been using Batiste's dry shampoo for a long time now, ever since it hit the YouTube rounds as every blogger/vlogger's favourite budget dry shampoo. My only previous experience with dry shampoo was Tigi's Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, which I absolutely loved and it smelled amazing, but it was pricey and ran out really fast. A few years passed and Batiste hit the shelves in the US as the 'UK's most popular dry shampoo!' And as an anglophile (I mean, I live in Scotland now), I immediately bought it and loved it. I spotted some *new* styling products by Batiste a couple of months ago and thought they must be amazing! Well, long story short, they were a bit of a let down. Let's break it down:

Batiste Dry Shampoo (Original): But first, the good one. This dry shampoo is fantastic. It really refreshes the hair and eliminates oil. It gives hair a buoyancy and I personally love the smell. There are scented versions and coloured versions and I've tried one of each (Sassy & Daring Wild scent; A Hint of Colour in Brunette), but they are not as effective in my opinion. They simply add weight and you can feel the product in the hair, which is exactly what a dry shampoo shouldn't do! I would stick to the original, even with the white cast. Just make sure to rub and work it into the scalp well.

Batiste Hold Me Hairspray: This hairspray straight-up sucks. That's a little harsh. But it is TOXIC, I mean if you breathe this in, which you will and I did because it just lingers in the air, it will coat the inside of your throat and lungs so you're coughing and running for clean air. It hardens the hair and makes it crunchy -- there is no give or softness to it. My boyfriend and I shared this can, and we both could not wait to be done with it so we could use a different one!

Batiste Texture Me Texturizing Spray: This one is not pictured, but I did use one (or maybe even two?) completely. I did not hate this one, but I was also not head over heels. It definitely provided texture and gave the hair a good grip, but it was also inflexible and added a little bit of weight/product-y feel to the hair. It was great to use when doing an updo though for a good hold. With my hair down, it caused my hair to tangle up easily and feel dirty, but it also sometimes worked for that bedhead, rocker look. It could be worth a try if you like that aesthetic!

Batiste Oomph My Locks XXL Volume Spray: This one was very similar to the Texture Me Spray except more concentrated and intense. Unfortunately, that means it took that inflexibility/heavy product feel over the edge for me. Once again, good for an updo or backcombing, but for an everyday textured look, it was not ideal.

Hopefully this review helps any readers who have been intrigued by the Batiste styling products like I was. Unfortunately, the line is not up to the high standard set by their dry shampoo, but hopefully they'll be able to tweak it in the future. 

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