3 January 2016

Charlotte Tilbury's Matte Revolution Lipsticks in Bond Girl & Glastonberry (SUCH LUXURY)

You guys. Ever since Charlotte Tilbury surfaced on YouTube beauty channels, I've been smitten. She seems like a lady who understands makeup and is conscious of the glamour and history of makeup that is just so fun to feel connected to and play with. Her Old Hollywood gold packaging is fabulous (I'm dying to get my hands on the Filmstar Bronze and Glow contour/highlight palette). The only problem is it is luxurious LUXURY makeup, which equals expensive. I'm not sure if I could ever buy anything from her full price with my own money.

Luckily, Charlotte has some convenient gift sets (though still not cheap...) and once I saw the lipstick Bond Girl and Glastonberry together in a set, I swiftly sent my boyfriend the link to it as a hint for a - wink wink - Christmas gift. And come the 25th, there it was under the Christmas tree! I wanted Bond Girl ever since I saw Charlotte use it in her YT tutorial for Amal Clooney's wedding makeup. It was such a beautiful everyday berry colour that I thought would fit my colouring quite nicely. Plus, with a name like Bond Girl, I just feel plain sexy putting it on. And Glastonberry is just scratching that itch of mine for dark, vampy lips.

As the first luxury product I've ever owned, I was very pleased by the aesthetic of the lipsticks, not only the box and packaging, but the really interesting square bullet tip. I wouldn't say the square helped with application any, but it didn't impede it either. The texture REALLY surprised me. I've only used drugstore lipsticks, and they usually have a kind of tacky, thicker consistency (some better than others), but this lipstick went on like a dream. It felt so smooth and creamy, and went on thinly and evenly. And bonus, they smell like delicious cocoa. It built up easily for an opaque colour. Altogether the lipsticks felt really nice and comfortable on the lips and with SUCH beautiful colours.

I didn't use lip liner with these here, and I definitely think that affects the wear time. It starts to kind of fade or seep into my (admittedly dry, cracked) lips after about three hours. I know I must grab some lip liners (not CT's.. because obviously, money. Though I hear hers are excellent), and exfoliate the lips beforehand. All that good lip hygiene I should do, but don't. 

I still love these though. They are worth any re-application as needed (the more nude-y Bond Girl fades more gracefully, as one would expect). I would definitely recommend checking out her website and picking your favourite lip colour(s) to put on your next birthday or holiday wish list. It's that texture and feel on the lips that really makes me say it is worth it's price tag. It's miles away from the drugstore variety.

2 Thoughts

  1. gorgeous! love the colors, i've been wanting to try her lipstick!
    ps i'll be in england/ireland in march if you're traveling at all xx

    1. You should - they are so lovely! AND I MUST SEE YOU ILL FIND YOU NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE! #creepy #missyou #loveyou