5 May 2016

CINEMATIC BEAUTY: Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera is a 2004 film based on the stage musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber. When this movie first came out I was 12 and I didn't understand any of it, plus the dark tones scared me and I didn't think any of them were attractive in their 19th-century costumes. Fast forward to Raquel post-puberty, entering adulthood, and then I watched it again. And now I'm obsessed.

The story is heartbreaking, the costume designs and scene locations are gorgeous. And, of course, Gerard Butler is straight-up sexy. Yeah. How things change. Not to mention the beautiful music. The Phantom is a man who hides his deformity behind a mask and lives within and ultimately controls the Paris Opera house. He falls in love with Christine, a young chorus girl who he secretly tutors, and demands the management to put in lead roles. Things get complicated when and old love of Christine resurfaces. I highly recommend a watch, especially if you like musicals. I saw it on stage in Liverpool a couple of years ago and was blown away. I can't wait to see it again!

But now on to the beauty. There are some great makeup looks on Christine DaaĆ© (Emmy Rossum's character), but there is one in particular I specifically love. First of all, I noticed when she is away from the Phantom her makeup is much lighter and fresher (see above), to make her look more innocent and young. But when she is with the Phantom, the eyes get much smokier, darker and generally smouldering. It definitely fits the theme of Raoul (her childhood sweetheart and 1/3rd of the love triangle) representing day/light in the songs, and the Phantom representing night/darkness. 

When Christine first enter's the Phantom's home deep beneath the opera house, her makeup changes from the fresh, rosebud lips, and youthful cheek flush to the most beautiful almost violet-black smokey eye. Still with the most perfect glowing skin and glossy lip, and of course, her crazy-voluptuous curly hair set wild and free. She wears a virginal white, but still quite sexy, lingerie-style gown with a corset. The perfect outfit to get seduced in...

It was the look pictured above that inspired me to do my dark & stormy eyes look. Plus it also taught me a new style of smokey eye — one where all of the darkness is focused on the top lid and not necessarily carried down below the lower lash line. It keeps the look clean, but still sexy. I paired mine with a thick black eyeliner for further definition, but it looks like she's not wearing any, or perhaps a thin liner in the lashline. A pinky blush can be seen on her cheeks blended seamlessly with the most perfect glowing skin. Jealoussss. And this look makes me want to get a lip gloss! It looks so good with a smokey eye, and I usually only wear mattes... Add it to the shopping list. See the look in action here, and prepared to be seduced.

Have you all seen this movie? Doesn't the ending make you cry? No? Just me?
Check out my other Cinematic Beauty post here! What movie makeup is your ultimate inspiration?

*P.S. Of course, I do not own these images, they belong to Warner Bros.

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