29 April 2016

TREND TALK: Four Fads I'm Not So Keen on

If you haven't seen my previous post that is quite a bit more positive then I'm sure this one will be, check it out here! It's another 'Trend Talk', but on four fads I am actually loving. But today, let's take some time to vent our feelings on beauty trends that are not our cup of tea or just won't go away — join me!

1. Over-drawn lips // I understand using a lip liner to 'correct' the shape or maybe even just a slightly overdrawn lip to get a fuller pout. But when it's done so obviously or so over-the-top, I can't help but stare. It seems garish, and almost every time the girl already has such beautifully-shaped lips. Why hide that natural beauty? With clown lips?

2. Kylie Jenner anything // I suppose I do have her to thank for the resurgence of brown lipsticks (do I? Who started that up again?). But that is the extent of my cordial feelings. This might not have anything to do with makeup, because I think of all the teenage or young girls who are looking at her as a standard of beauty or a role model, and I think that is such a shame. I don't know her, obviously, but I know the image she puts out there. And for any age, there are better women to aspire to be. Thanks for the brown lipsticks though.

3. Total Drawn-on freckles // I've been seeing girls all over Instagram dotting unrealistic-looking freckles on their faces, some on Reddit as well and even beauty magazines. The thing is, I think only professional makeup artists or people with a lot of time on their hands can really do it right because they're not all perfectly round dots or all one colour. Or perfectly distributed on one area of the face. Like many things on this list: it's just not natural and doesn't look it! Ugh, I feel very crotchety writing all this... 

4. Colour-correcting palettes // This is an emerging trend I took notice of after I received Sephora's email newsletter displaying all of the different colour-correcting palettes they now have. There's yellows, greens, purples, peaches, ahhh! The thing is, I don't believe any one girl would need every colour in those palettes. She might need one, maybe two — if anything at all! Don't fall into the trap of this trend. You might not even need these, even though every company is saying you do. Perhaps good for makeup artists, but us regular people would most likely need to get individual correctors. [P.S. Apparently, peach tones are for under-eye circles; yellow for brightening; green for redness; purple for dull, yellow undertones]

And that's it! What trends are you pretty tired of now? Dish! Also, are there any emerging trends you're excited for? Let's keep each other in the loop x

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