14 April 2016

Soap & Glory Body Products — A First Encounter

I've always wanted to try Soap & Glory products, ever since I heard about them on YouTube back in 2013. My background is in graphic design, and their packaging is such eye candy. I believe the packaging design of their makeup products to be even better. But honestly, I am a Dove / Dial / Ivory (aka kind of cheap) body wash kind of girl. I don't have any special skin ailments, like particular dryness or scaliness, but when a 3 for 2 offer came at Boots for Soap & Glory (a little over a month ago), I took advantage of it.

The first item I knew I wanted was a lotion. I didn't have any and it's such a nice, small self-care practice you can do for yourself post-shower. It just makes you feel good, and I definitely feel good after applying the Sugar Crush Body Lotion. EmilyNoel83, an amazing detailed and comprehensive beauty YouTuber I follow, loves the Sugar Crush line, and I made a mental note of that many months ago. She describes the scent as 'margarita plus vanilla ice cream', which I really agree with! It's a sweet lime concoction and just a pleasure to use. It's moisturising and light without a trace of greasy residue left behind. It's honestly probably the best lotion I've ever used, and the scent is so original and refreshing with its zesty flair. I don't feel like I have to put it on, but I actually want to put it on. And that's how I know it's good. 

I also purchased the Sugar Crush Body Wash from the same line, and it is also delightful. It's kind of your standard body wash — nothing too game-changing here. But it  just has that fantastic scent. I almost wish the scent would stick around post-shower!

And lastly, I purchased the Flake Away body exfoliator. As I mentioned before, I don't necessarily have scaly legs or bumpy arms (thank you asian genetics), so I can't say anything too helpful in those areas. But I have used it on my legs anyway, and it does make them very smooth. The exfoliating grains do not hurt in the slightest, and it has a powerful sweet (but not sickly sweet) fragrance. Many many many reviews I've read on this product are positive and people assure it has improved scaliness, bumps, and even in removing fake tan.

At the end of it all — do you need any of these products, truly? Probably not. I could live without any of them, but they are kind of like candles. You don't need candles, but they improve the day in a small way.

UPDATE: My boyfriend saw me taking the photo for this post and informed me he not only used the scrub, but it is successfully smoothing out the bumps he has on his arm! Cool!

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