24 April 2016

Happy Weekend! | Five Notes from the Past Week

Happy Lazy Sunday, my darlings! I hope you all are ending the weekend well — I know I need to get this post up on Saturday at least, come on Raquel! Here are five notes from the past week...

1 // Last night, Jt and I went out to Sloans (est. 1797!) in Glasgow for dinner and drinks, and we had a wonderful time with our friends Kaitlyn, Will, and Hillary. I often get so damn comfortable just in my own home watching Netflix or busying myself with school work, that I don't want to go out. But social interaction is important! Though I may have drank a little too much wine...

2 // I finally figured out how to export my YouTube videos to 1080p quality! It's still not on the same caliber as other beauty vloggers, but at least it won't be annoyingly fuzzy anymore. It's been bothering since the beginning! My latest video is the first to hit 1080p, but you better believe all my upcoming videos will be too.

3 // You guys. I've always wanted to have curly hair. It has such a romantic / wild child / rock chick quality to me. Plus, its instant texture, which is my ultimate dream hair. Well, I recently bought the Babyliss Curling Wand Pro, and I used it yesterday for the first time... and wow. It gave me instant curls. I might have used too small sections because it gave me some serious Carrie Bradshaw hair... but I still loved it. Expect to see this curling wand in action in an upcoming video or blog post! I'm obsessed with it.

4 // I've really been entertaining myself with the idea of wearing more dresses this spring. I only own like three dresses, but none of them are those more casual 'daytime' dresses. And I also don't really have any proper footwear for dresses... I mean what do you even wear with dresses besides flats? I need to do more research. I'm such a dress newbie! I just want to explore more feminine silhouettes and get out of my jeans & t-shirt rut.

5 // I've also been thinking about chopping my hair to be an inch or two below the chin. It's like every time I have long hair I wish it was short; when its short I want it to be long! What is my optimum hair length? What is this constant struggle? Do you guys feel the same way about your hair? #neversatisfied

How has this week treated you? Any cool weekend plans that will my plans to shame? Let me hear them! x

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