16 April 2016

Happy Weekend! | Five Notes from the Past Week

At the end of the week, I thought it would be nice to have a round-up of cool/good things that happened within the last seven days, or just general thoughts and plans for the future. Just a little personal check in!  

1 // I first wanted to thank all of my friends for supporting my blog and YouTube channel. It was such an unexpected surprise to hear encouragement from my friends instead of laughs and ridicule, which I was honestly fully expecting! Maybe I'm too harsh on myself. But honestly, thank you, to all of my friends and all you lovely strangers out there who have taken the time to read my blog and watch my videos. It's really like putting yourself out there!

2 // Earlier this week, I went on a girl's makeup shopping excursion with two of my girlfriends, and it was really fun! (Although, not for my pocketbook...) I picked up a concealer I was running out of, but also a nail varnish by Barry M, some Tarte cheek tints, and a Jo & Jo square makeup bag for my upcoming trip to Munich! Prepare to see these items in upcoming blog posts... I'm most excited for those cheek tints I picked up at TK Maxx!

3 // I've been doing a lot of improvements to my blog — just to make it more pretty and function better as a website. I hope you guys are enjoying the changes! In the process I'm actually kind of learning how to code, which is an unexpected surprise. [I finally, finally figured out how to make my header image the right size AND not blurry, which is my greatest achievement to date. I've been struggling with that for weeks!] I'm still not finished, so hopefully you'll see even better things in the future.

4 // Tonight, Jt and I are going to go see The Jungle Book (we're Cineworld Unlimited cardholders, nbd), and I'm very excited! It looks beautiful and has a really stellar voice cast. Including my man Idris Elba. Check out these really beaut images of the actors posing with their animal counterparts.

5 // I'm thinking of doing my next video on an art history-inspired beauty look. Finally meshing my two interests. It will definitely take some times and planning, of course I never want any of my videos to be half-assed, so I think I'll spend my free time this weekend organising it. Instead of doing any schoolwork, of course. I'm think Pre-Raphaelite first, because it can be so spring-time pretty but in almost a gothic way. Which is my favourite way.

Have a wonderful weekend my loverlies! Let me know of any plans you have, or any good moments from this past week x

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