22 April 2016

CHECK IN: Drugstore First Impressions

What good is a first impression if the lasting impression is totally different? That's why I'm returning to give an updated review on the products from my recent Superdrug haul! Some of my thoughts have stayed the same, while others have changed pretty drastically. Let's get into it —

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer // 02 Cool Medium: I wanted to love this concealer so much. I've only heard good things! But honestly, you can't use a concealer that isn't the absolute perfect tone for your skin. And this is the second colour I've bought from this line and it's still completely wrong. With four options to choose from, how are so many people using and loving this? Formula-wise, its pretty thick and high coverage without really getting cake-y, which is lovely, and I thought it was lovely when I initially applied it in my video. But under more clear lighting conditions and looking purposefully in the mirror, it was so damn pink toned and still too dark (just like my other shade '03 Warm Medium'). And swatching the 01 shade in store showed a powdery pale white colour that would never work. So unfortunately, I must give up on this.

Superdrug (brand - in pink packaging) Eyelash Curler: This curler is still bomb-digs. Everything I mentioned in the video is still true: its wide 'mouth' (for lack of a better term) allows me to get the curler RIGHT up against the last line, meaning it gets an optimum curl every time. However, because it has that wide mouth, extra caution is required. It's easier to catch your eyelid in there (ouwwch) and also make a crink in your lashes if you don't position it correctly. That being said, my lashes have never been more alive!

Makeup Revolution Ultra Contour Palette (powder version): I am torn on this palette. I think it is a good option within the drugstore to get all of the powders you need for the face, contour, and highlight. They are quite pigmented and they are blendable. But the powders are also dry — there isn't a hint of creaminess to the product and they do seem to sit on top of the skin to a degree. Of course, I'm not expecting them to sink into the skin like a cream product, but if I put too much, it gets heavy, cake-y, and feels like I'm wearing a ton of makeup. Also, if you use that glitter highlight it will get glitter everywhere. On your face and in the air you breathe! For the most part I'm back to my Colourpop highlighter in Lunchmoney, but I am using the contour and banana powders still. It's too convenient not to, so that might say something.

Maybelline Lash Sensational [Waterproof]: I love love love this mascara. It's become my new ultimate favourite. It coats the lashes from root to tip, so it's very lengthening. I do find myself wishing it was a bit more thickening, like my Maybelline The Rocket mascara. But if I focus my wand on the roots and make sure to build it up there before it dries, it is perfecto. I say before it dries, because once this dries down it's pretty much done and is not down for layering. But honestly, it is doing things for my lashes I've never seen - just a full-fledged flutter lash. Much flutter. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this re-cap! Is it helpful for you? 
Do you like this kind of set up, or do you enjoy just the first impressions, full stop?

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