13 September 2015

Life on Hold in Airdrie

Here, in the first post of my blog, we meet in Airdrie, Scotland. My boyfriend Jt and I have been stuck staying here, outside of Glasgow since last Saturday. It isn't a bad place by any means, but after about two days... we've seen everything this town has to offer. We are nine days in, folks.

There are some small beautiful parks, one of which is pictured above. And the weather has been unseasonably amazing, though everyone has been quick to tell us NOT to get used to it. But we are ready to move into our Glasgow apartment, which should be ready by tomorrow.

We arrived in Scotland on September 1 and immediately set off to find a flat. Four tearful days later (on my end, not Jt's) we found a place in an amazing location in the West End across from the Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum. Unfortunately, we couldn't move in until Monday, September 14. At first the landlords said we could move in last Thursday... then it got pushed to Monday. We were crushed.

It's not just being bored in some quaint village with not even a bookstore to get lost in. It's that our new lives together have been put on hold for about half a month now. The new life of Jt and I living together — the life in Scotland away from everything we're familiar with — the life in Glasgow, a big and exciting city! 

But hopefully it will begin tomorrow. We're ready to make our home here.

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