7 June 2016

REVIEW: Sleek Solstice Highlighting Palette

The beauty world is in a highlighting frenzy, and here I am, a mere novice of 'the glow' - but I think I've found one drugstore palette that will satisfy all glowing needs. And perhaps yours too! Sleek Makeup, a British makeup brand that has amazing blushes, has come out with the Solstice Highlighting Palette. It has three powders and one cream, all with different undertones but similar smoothness! I've done a video review over on my YouTube channel if you prefer to watch instead of read (also posted below). 

I will say, these highlighters are not for those wanting that natural radiance/lit from within looks. It's for those who want an intense shine right there on the cheekbones. But it's not powdery or fake-looking, and I've found them to be very long-lasting. I've been using this palette almost everyday since I've bought it. 

Above you can see swatches of each shade — one swipe each! 

Ecliptic, a pinky champange colour, is first — a cream that is amazingly pigmented, and as you can see, highly reflective. I've often swatched cream products from the drugstore only to be disappointed by its oily and greasy texture. This is not like that at all. It's lightweight and almost subtly mousse-y in texture. And it didn't move my makeup underneath it at all.

Subsolar is the most subtle of the group and perfect for a more natural look. It's yellow/white in colour and personally seems the most complimentary on my skin tone. I initially didn't like this one because it wasn't so bam like the others, but it turned out to be the one I've been wearing the most! What's wonderful is it can really be built up to something more intense if desired.

Equinox is the third swatch and, along with Ecliptic, the most pigmented and dazzling. It's a warm peach that I sometimes use to top up on my Subsolar highlight application just on the very top of the cheek bones for an extra something. This shade is quite brilliant.

Hemisphere is a beautiful icy, cool-toned lilac colour. I didn't think I would like or use this shade, but it is surprisingly wearable! I'm honestly just taken with its beauty. If purple doesn't exactly interest you, I will say I often use this as an inner corner highlight for a shot of illumination to the eyes!

Check out my video review below for realtime swatches and further thoughts! What have you been using as a highlighter lately? There are so many on the market now, I wonder how long the super glow trend will last...


  1. Ah this is absolutely gorgeous - love this palette, the colours are beautiful and it looks so lovely on the skin!

    Layla xx