6 May 2016

Happy Weekend! | Five Notes from the Past Week

Happy Friday, dear readers! I am thrilled to finally have reached the weekend and I have lots to talk about, so let's get into the five notes from the week.

1 // This week was the "postgraduate symposium" at my university, so me and all my classmates had to give 15-min. presentations about our dissertation topics and initial research. It's always nerve-wracking speaking in front of crowd, plus being surrounded by PhD and masters students who actually know what they're doing doesn't help. But yesterday was the last day, and it's over! Now begins the summer of relaxation/research/dissertation-writing. Not sure how relaxing it will really be...

2 // Last week I saw Captain America: Civil War with Jt, and as much as the film industry is kind of annoyingly flooded with superheroes, I loved it. I admit, I love all these new superhero movies. They're just so entertaining! It is the ultimate modern escapsim in a way. Anyway, the movie is definitely worth a watch — I had just seen the second Captain America movie the night before (I wasn't a huge fan of the first one) but the second one was infinitely better. And the third brought in Black Panther, Ant-Man and the new Spiderman. It was such a fun but also emotional watch. Buckkkyyyyyyy!

3 // I'm still in an ultimate hair dilemma. This grey hair is so high maintenance, and it never stays the colour I want for more than a day or two before the brassiness comes. Plus I am very low on dinero to keep it up. I'm thinking about box-dyeing it dark again and maybe cutting myself some fringe? More of a short fringe? But every time I get bangs, I always regret it.

4 // This week I used a Boots giftcard given by my wonderful friend Georlena to purchase the Sleek Solstice highlighting palette. It is ridiculously beautiful, a majority of the colours are very pigmented, and it gives off that mega-watt glow factor. I am thinking about filming a review of the palette for my channel, just so we can all see it in action.

5 // I am desperately needing to get back into a workout routine. Especially since I will soon only be sitting around, researching, blogging, writing, etc. Not a lot of physical exertion with that. I usually alternate days of yoga and running, but I'm thinking about starting some strength training. Unfortunately, I'm too shy to get a personal trainer, so I need to figure this out on my own! And stay motivated. The ultimate challenge!

What's new with you guys? What are some notes from your past week or exciting weekend plans?

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