15 January 2016

H&M's 'Soft Bra' : A Wonderfully Delicate Option for Small-Chested Ladies

This is a beautiful black lacy bra I recently picked up at H&M. I have been looking for a sort of 'bralette' or not-really-a-bra bra since I am supremely flat-chested and absolutely hate the feeling of wearing a bra, especially if there is a wire involved. I have no desire to wear push-up bras or attempting to create something that is definitely not there - I only desire comfort! I need to work with what I have, not what I don't have, right? For a long time I've been wearing these cotton... essentially training bras from Aerie, so I felt like I needed a more womanly upgrade.

It is still not as comfortable as I would like, but at only £7.99 and having the perfect, very delicate aesthetic, I'm game. A word of warning (as if this even needs to be said), it provides a very natural support. For my light-chested ladies... a great option! I believe H&M has even more non-wire and non-expensive options that I'll definitely be exploring.

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