10 January 2016

A Love Affair With Dr Martens

One thing my boyfriend and I weren't prepared for when we moved to the UK was the weather. We didn't even own rain boots/any waterproof shoes (amateurs...). I looked around for the perfect pair of boots for a long long time. I was wearing my all-black Converse everyday and the rain would immediately seep into the canvas, through the socks and drown my poor feet. I decided I needed to invest. If I was to stay in this country, I needed to buy shoes that would last and survive in its climate. I felt that chelsea boots was the style I was looking for because they were casual but also had a more refined look than sneakers or even tall boots

THE MEET CUTE: I'm waiting for the subway one day, listening to my iPod and staring at peoples feet as they walk by, politely not making eye contact. And I see these deep maroon patent chelsea boots on a girls feet as she walks up and sits on the bench next to me. YES. THOSE ARE THE ONES. They were obviously Doc Martens from the soles and black and yellow tab on the back. They were perfect: sturdy but slim flitted, waterproof, and an amazing dark red colour. I took a real stealthy photo of her shoes and once I came home found them online: They are are the Dr Marten Flora Boot in the colour Cherry Red. But they were £110. Outside my budget. 

Black Friday rolled around, and even though the UK doesn't offer the mega sales the US does on this day (bless them), Doc Martens had a little discount on, plus a student discount. I convinced my boyfriend to buy them as my Christmas gift, and bam. I'm set and in love with my Dr Martens. (I swear he doesn't buy me everything. We share an account essentially, so it's our money I spent.........) 

They are not only beautiful, but weather-proof, and comfortable. Yes, they did take some breaking in (about three wears and it's good. It does hurt the shins as the boot hits that area, but it goes away + it is worth it). They are a great shoe to invest in and they are just so cool. They also have that British/punk/retro background, making it so much more badass/meaningful.

Jt ended up getting a pair himself on Boxing Day once he got fed up with his own inadequate shoes. Now our boots live together on top of our shoe rack in all of their glory. Don't they look happy together :)

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