29 March 2016

Urban Decay's Revolution Lipstick in 'Liar'

I bought one of Urban Decay's Revolution Lipsticks a long while ago, completely on a whim. Urban Decay's packaging just sucked me in, and I wanted a nude shade I could wear everyday. I have this weird desire to find beauty products that are quintessentially me as if I'm some character in a movie who just always wear that lipstick or that eyeliner. I'm delusional.

Anyways, back to the packaging — it is glorious. It has this fantastic weight to it, so it seems really high end and luxurious. It has a nice grey/purple metallic casing and the actual lipstick is in a thin bullet. Now, I will say this lipstick does exactly what the company describes it to do: the formula is hella moisturising, the pigment is true to bullet and it applies seamlessly to the lips without any skipping. I mean, it is epicly creamy.

But it may be a bit too creamy for me. I mean it is like putting on a chapstick, it's so moisturising, but it's bordering a bit gloopy. I feel like it sits heavy and thick on top of the lips, and it being so shiny doesn't help either. And of course, it will and does transfer extremely easily. Even looking at the lipstick in the above picture, it just appears thick and messy to me, and it definitely feels that way. I can't imagine what kind of mess I would make on my face if this was a bright or deep colour because they are very pigmented!

So I would pass on these unless you have the driest of dry lips and are craving moisture, colour, and shine. For me, I'll just keep this one on my vanity, because it's just so pretty to look at!

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